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I mean, the best man is really the groom. On a shelf in the California home of David and Kate Bagby, sitting inconspicuously among some lovely china, are two urns. MORRISON: How'd you feel about having a much younger brother come, Mr. SHEARS: I thought it was great. We couldnt actually believe shed (harm Zachary), but we consciously feared she could do that, he said. If you were waiting to find out where exactly the comfort was in this litany of suffering, it is in Bagbys parents. Mr. SHEARS: You could see in his eyes that he was full of life. (It was announced, in 2014, that the documentary would be made into a miniseries. David Bagby, left, and Kate Bagby, right, celebrate with their son Andrew Bagby at his graduation from medical school at Memorial University of Newfoundland in June 2000. And she followed Andrew to St. John's.. It comes down to probable cause, the right to bail and the presumption of innocence. This film was no longer a letter to you, Unidentified Man #23: Well, everybody always says, well, what. And that's when she said, `He loves you, more than me. For this night they were a couple once again, dancing and drinking together. Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) I know you don't want to, you don't intend to. A court mandate allowed David and Kate Bagby to spend time, with their grandson, babysitting, even sharing in joint activities with. You know? There are things to do, he said, and they try to enjoy life as much as possible. May 16, 2008: June 2, 2015 - June 2020. Dear Zachary was named one of the top 5 documentaries of 2008 by the National Board of Review! MORRISON: But would that somebody turn out to be a blessing or a curse? "In a tragic ending, we bring new beginnings with bail reform so that no other family will have to go through the devastation that Kate and David have gone through," Andrews said. Kate answered the phone, and she couldn't get off the phone for an hour. MORRISON: And, says T.J., in the way of her opportunities to be. This is without a doubt one of the most profound, touching and moving films I have ever watched." GARDNER: (Audio recording) Would you be willing to turn the gun into your local police department so they could get it to us to let us look at it? I got to see what happens to the bastard who did this. And thus the decision from which all else followed. Now that Zachary was starting to walk, he was free to make a beeline to. Shirley asked them to take custody of Zachary while she was gone. Wait, thats not true, Sophocles came up with it when he wrote Oedipus Rex about a king who unwittingly fulfills a prophecy that foretold he would kill his father and marry his mother, and then pokes out his own eyes because hes in despair and you cant outrun destiny. And thank God. ), DEAR ZACHARY 10TH ANNIVERSARY HD REMASTERED EDITIONNOW AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY, DVD, and DIGITAL, For the film's 10th anniversary, Kurt Kuenne remastered "Dear Zachary", its epilogue, and its bonus features for HD, converting the original standard definition elements to HD shot-by-shot, while remixing the film in 5.1 surround, so that it now looks and sounds as originally intended on today's platforms. Help contribute to IMDb. And we came back. Mr. BAGBY: (Audio recording) (Unintelligible). COLLECTOR'S EDITION DIGIPAK only from Oscilloscope Laboratories: And Kate kissed him and held him and kissed him some more. They told us that they'd found the body. Because she didnt know love either. His father says, I kissed him and held him. Cpl. Still grieving the death of their son, the Bagbys moved to Newfoundland and fought for custody of Zachary. Cpl. MORRISON: You're in turmoil at that point. I extend my deepest thanks and greatest respect to MP Scott Andrews, his associate Ken Carter, Senator Tommy Banks, his executive assistantThrse Gauthier, MP Peter Stoffer, Senator Anne Cools, Gord McIntosh and everyone in Parliament who saw across party lines to support this bill's passage into law. sixteen years have passed but for the bagbys the story of the deaths of their only son and grandson resurfaces all the time. Is it OK? This is how Kuenne represents his emotion at hearing the news that the woman who killed his friend had also killed his friends son. kind of panic sets in, I guess. Andrew, of all people, seemed to have no enemies at all. August 5, 2008: Also, today MP Scott Andrews of Newfoundland introduced a bill in Parliament for its first reading that proposes a modification to Canada's bail code that would justify detention in custody for a suspect who is a potential danger to their own minor children. Kuenne began making Dear Zachary before Turner revealed her pregnancy. With that kind of goodness, anything is possible. His goal at first was simply to collect memories and tributes from people who were close to Bagby. Turner killed herself and Zachary before she could be tried for murder. Mr. KUENNE: You know, he said--she said, `Look, I'm not looking for another husband. When Kuenne narrates the particulars of the crime, the evidence, or the legal proceedings, his voiceover shifts to a stylized, rapid-fire clip, making it easy for the audience to miss key details. Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) I do have a complaint, finally. And you just bought the gun, right? The amount of the award will be variable, but is expected to be in the range of $1,000. Mr. BAGBY: Shirley killed Andrew. David and Kate Bagby must have been saints to have had to tolerate personal dealings with their only child's murderess,and basically have to groval to her to even see their precious only-ever grandchild.Yet,they did whatever they could for the sake of Zachary.Most people (myself included) would have made away with Shirley Turner the first chance We did have him for a little while, she said. And in that way this tragedy remains hers and hers alone. We just want as many people as possible to know this story, the documentary, for the practical reasons in my fantasies, I suppose some judge, some place, actually gets it and denies bail to somebody who could kill again, said David. He says his mother was so often, unavailable, especially from the time she started medical school. Senator Tommy Banks of Alberta will be the bill's sponsor in the Senate, and will shortly be distributing DVDs of "Dear Zachary" to all members of the Senate, just as he and MP Andrews distributed the film to all members of the House of Commons last fall when he introduced the bill. They quit their jobs and moved from California to Newfoundland. I mean, we would never, disagree with her or fight with her about anything unless there was real. Kate and David Bagby traveled to Ottawa last week to speak as witnesses for the bill before the House's Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights. We thought of him as a hostage, said David. MORRISON: Kurt and Andrew grew up together in Northern California, where the fledgling director gave Andrew starring roles in some of his earliest ventures. They are prophecies. I--we both did. The album includes "Andrew", the 8 minute concert work Kurt wrote and recorded in Andrew's memory in 2002. Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) (Unintelligible) Hi, sweetheart. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008) 1 Video. Just from that, conversation, you could kind of get the sense that she didn't want Zachary, MORRISON: And for the Bagbys, Shirley issued what sounded somehow. Kurt Kuenne's acclaimed orchestral score for "Dear Zachary", nominated for Best Documentary Score of 2008 by the International Film Music Critics Association, is now available on CD and for digital download. Instead, the films dramatic nodes are scenes such as the one in which Bagbys parents, David and Kate, recall going to identify their sons body. A few weeks after, Zachary's birthday party, the Bagbys and Shirley took the toddler swimming, an, activity he usually enjoyed. -. One for such a wonderful young man that you raised. Turner shot Bagby two days after he broke up with her at a Pennsylvania airport as she was set to fly back to Iowa. I lay in--laid there in bed a couple of times and thought, If I just kill her, Zachary will be safe. Its best to watch Kuennes documentary without too much background, but the basic setup is this: On November 6, 2001, Andrew Bagbys body was found, shot five times, in a park near Latrobe, Pennsylvania, where Bagby lived. It's great. It's said there's nothing worse than the death of your child, and this film drives that point home harder and with the utmost care and precision." When Bagby said he was going to anyway, Simpson asked him to come to his house right after. Unidentified Woman #10: (Kate holding Zachary) Zachary. No less than seven of those friends had asked Bagby to be the best man at their weddings. But that is what the Bagbys. `You gave me a lovely son, and now it's over.'. KATE: (To Zachary) Kurt knew your daddy when he was a little boy. KATE: (Zachary hugging Kate) This is your Uncle Kurt. The bill now moves to the Senate where it is expected to be embraced in a similar fashion. decision. Mommy loves you. Cpl. On Nov. 5, Kate, who is originally from England, pictures Turner sitting on top of a Guy Fawkes bonfire and her family all around it with fireworks. She pushed it back in and cried some more. Far from experiencing the satisfaction of cracking a mystery, the viewer is likely to come away with a feeling of stymied sickness, of hitting the brick wall of a world gone wronga feeling which must be closer to the lived reality of violent tragedy. -Managed leading Egyptian companies' accounts with the firm, including in the oil and gas, financial, consumer goods, real estate and automotive sectors. Dear Zachary was then voted the #3 audience favorite of the festival by viewer ballot, out of the 172 distinguished documentaries screening at Hot Docs. Shirley Turner had some startling news. They've retired, hang out with friends and travel a bit, David Bagby said. They recorded them. It has been our privilege to have the trust and support of our East Coast communities for the last 200 years. This film wasn't made to win awards, or, for that matter, even be criticized. -, "urgent, furiousadmirably well editedthis incredible, well-researched documentary demonstrates the vast gulf one life can leave behind." Subscribe here. She always spent time with him, and seemed to me like she was, MORRISON: Still grieving over the loss of their only son, David, and Kate Bagby had forsaken their lives in California and moved to, Newfoundland, not just to make sure justice was being served, but also to be, (Kate; David; Newfoundland; Supreme Court building; photo of Zachary), KATHERINE: There's this wonderful feeling, `I'm going to see part of Andrew. Please consider joining us in this mission by becoming a member of the SaltWire Network and helping to make our communities better. -, "**** (Four stars). I praise Kurt Kuenne for having the heart and determination to perfectly put together one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever watched. kate-and-david-bagby-now-pdf 2/27 Downloaded from thesource2.metro.net on July 22, 2022 by guest the recent London bombings to Law and Order type crimes that make the news only to be replaced by another name.As such, more people are left with the aftermath of dealing with the violent death of a loved one. 1 Photo. She has to veer away from the image and instead see him as a living being. Andrew was found dead Nov. 5, 2001 in a state park just outside Latrobe, PA, where he was a resident in the local hospitals family medicine programme. Kuennes fast-talking exposition, while confusing, seems purposeful, as though the murder were a necessary backstory to be pushed through as quickly as possible in order to get to the heart of the narrative: Andrew Bagbys life and how horrible his death was for those who loved him. This is Defector, a new sports blog and media company. It would take two weeks. ', MORRISON: But they'd have to wait almost a month. Mr. BAGBY: Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. He had returned to the US and had discovered a passion for family practice, where his love for people--and theirs for him--seemed as natural, as comfortable as the quiet town in Pennsylvania in which he'd chosen to live. MORRISON: So different from who Andrew really was, a kind, devoted son who made Eagle Scout at 15. Click HERE for ticket information. If you didnt realize the importance of that, Kuenne mutes the film to let you process it. And as tragic as this story is, that is also where its consolation lies: that Shirley Jane Turner destroyed everything around her in an attempt to extinguish the love she was incapable of experiencing herself, and in the end she couldnt. but if we don't get help, we don't know if we're doing what's best. It's pretty easy to analyze what the, options are. Parents Kate and David Bagby's story of identifying Andrew's body is devastating. Mr. BAGBY: We fret and worried and everything. David R. Bagby Born: July 2, 1957 in Joliet, IL Died: January 5, 2022 in Statesville, NC David R. Bagby, 64 of Statesville, NC and formerly of Streator passed away Wednesday (January 5,. Authorities later determined his former lover Dr. Shirley Turner,. did. You know what, when Andrew didn't show up at 7:30, I knew something was very wrong. Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) He is too happy, Kathleen. Digital: iTunes | Amazon | Google Play, Order David Bagby's book anything like that, would we take care of Zachary? I never really convinced myself that she, could--that she would hurt Zachary. Kind of panic sets in, I guess, and that's when it all hit the fan, I guess. The bond between, Zachary and his grandparents grew and grew, and Shirley noticed, even from, KATE: (Audio recording) I think it was one time we were on the phone or, KATE: (Audio recording) Yeah, the baby cried, and I said, `Oh, there's my, Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) Yeah, `Oh, my baby. TO ME ITS REAL LIFE. Dear Zachary avoids the first pitfall by directly confronting the second. Mr. BAGBY: I think it was a rage at the person who did this. especially long work day and dropped himself in front of the television. Mr. BAGBY: We were out shopping or something. It will make you question your faith in the world. Cpl. After arriving home, she drove 900 miles back to Pennsylvania to kill the man who rejected her. We were done," Kate Bagby said, finishing her husband's thought, a quirk of their relationship that became apparent during a several-hour recount of how their lives spiraled out of control after that phone call from police. IE 11 is not supported. Mr. KUENNE: I vowed to collect every memory for you before they, MORRISON: As for Andrew's parents, David and Kate, they were, (Graduation photo of Andrew, Kate and David; Shirley with child).

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